Linda Warner is a consultant, coach and entrepreneur based in Amsterdam.

Catalyst. Energizer. Activist.  Linda is deeply committed to “go-getters” seeing and owning the value they give to the world and making it happen. She has 25 years of business consulting along with several years of informal and formal coaching experience – a formidable combination.

If your desire is to be deeply seen, not only who you are at this moment in time, but your deep essence and your “future self’, and to be supported in realizing your aspirations, Linda is your woman.

“Working with Linda is an alchemical experience. Her clarity and insight create an incredible impetus for change and positive transformation on all levels of being. Working on an almost multidimensional platform she embraces the nitty gritty of life along with your highest aspirations and vision. Whether it involves self-care, social integration, business strategy and pricing or your ultimate spiritual goals, Linda gets straight to the heart of the matter and in her totally non-judgemental, solution-orientated process pushes you along until, almost without realising it, you implement a strategy to achieve your goals. I can’t speak highly enough of the impact Linda has had on the course of my journey and of the fun we have had arriving here.”

~ Sandra Guy, Acupuncturist, Heavenly Star Acupuncture